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When Injuries Are A Godsend

When Injuries Are A Godsend
November 19, 2019 Michael Harlow

Sometimes, injuries can benefit us.  Devastating as they are, injuries can make us better if viewed as an opportunity.  I can list numerous breakthroughs that I have witnessed in athletes due to an injury.  Here are why injuries are oftentimes a Godsend.


Injuries provide motivation.  Struggling with motivation and wondering why you are training so hard?  As the saying goes, you never know what you had until it is taken away from you.  If injured, you will quickly realize why you love the sport and how much you miss it.  Taken away, you will fight to get it back.  I liken this to putting a wild animal in a cage – before long, this animal is going to be clawing itself back and when it gets out, you better not be in its path.  When injured, you need to be this wild animal – let the desire build and fester so you come back more motivated than ever before.


Injuries teach you how to be better.  Every injury teaches us how to prevent an injury next time.  Is your form flawed, are you doing too much volume or intensity, are you using the wrong equipment or fit incorrectly on that equipment, do you need to stretch more, are you paying attention to nutrition, and are you getting enough recovery and rest?  Identify the cause(s) of your injury and come back smarter next time.


If you are injured, see it as an opportunity and take full advantage of it.


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