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What’s Your Finish Line

What’s Your Finish Line
September 27, 2019 Michael Harlow

What is your finish line?  Is it getting on a podium, making it to the finish, beating someone specific, setting a new personal record, or does it have nothing to do with a finish line at all but rather showing yourself that you can be more than you thought possible.


At Endorphin Fitness, we often say, “We get some athletes to their first finish line and others to the finish line first.”  Simply put, we coach a wide variety of athletes with a wide variety of goals.  What matters most to us is identifying your finish line and then getting you across it, no matter what it is.  If we do that, no matter what place you crossed that finish line, it was a success.


Right now, you need to determine what your finish line is.  What does a win look like for you and how are you going to allow this to motivate you daily?  Decide today and then attack it with everything you have.

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