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The Wahoo Tickrx is Your All-in-One Zwift Solution

The Wahoo Tickrx is Your All-in-One Zwift Solution
November 28, 2018 Nick Seitz
wahoo tickrx

We don’t want to undersell ourselves here: we’ve discovered a literal game changer. We’re now stocking the Wahoo TickrX, which is a pretty awesome product in and of itself. The TickrX is a heart rate monitor which has some cool additional features which make your workouts easier. Most interesting among them is the ability to read cadence based on your movements while working out. Whether you’re running or biking or even lifting weights, the Tickr X can track your cadence based on motion.

Now, this is already a great advantage for popular cycling apps like Zwift. It’s helpful having one less device that you’ll need to make sure is charged up and paired. However, because Zwift requires several inputs of data to function, you’ll need enough open Bluetooth “ports” to accept the incoming data. Apple devices frequently used with Zwift such as an iPad or Apple TV can only accept three incoming Bluetooth channels. On an Apple TV, the remote necessary to operate the device counts as one incoming device. In order to pair a smart trainer, cadence, speed, and heart rate- you’ll need a fourth or even fifth channel.

Besides being a great option for a highly functional run and cycle heart rate monitor, the Wahoo TickrX pairs great with Zwift and other popular apps. It may be your only option for certain gear set-ups based solely around bluetooth. To take full advantage of the capabilities of your smart trainer setup for Zwift, make sure you pick up a Wahoo TickrX.

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