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September 8, 2016 Michael Harlow

I write this coming off of a two-week vacation.  Well, in truth, I have six kids so a vacation might not be the perfect word here, but it was a significant break from the daily business.  It has been enjoyable to have the freedom to spend more time with the family and reflect on the many areas of my life.  One of these areas is my job – my passion – of coaching.

I am fortunate that I get to do something that I am passionate about for work.  Nothing teaches you this more than time away.  It rejuvenates you and propels you to do more in the time ahead.  It makes you better at that thing when you return.  I have spent time on vacation dreaming about my athletes and what we will do together in the season ahead.  I am excited and ready to get started.

This is also true with our training.  As you approach your final race of the season, plan to take a couple weeks (or more) to rejuvenate.  Plan to take some time and dream about the season ahead.  What this looks like is different for every person – usually it is a combination of time off and active recovery.  How long?  Well, this depends on what it takes for you to build the excitement again.  I like for my athletes to feel like a caged animal when they return – or at least before they start any sort of intensity again.

We all need rest.  It is good and meaningful.  Rest is what sets us up for future success.  I want to thank my athletes for giving me a little rest the last couple weeks.  Now, let’s go make something amazing happen!

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