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Michael’s Message: Time to Dream

Michael’s Message: Time to Dream
November 9, 2018 Michael Harlow
Time to Dream


It is dreaming time.  Unless you have a fall running race coming up, you likely have months before your next big race.  It is time to dream.

Having a goal is one of the greatest motivators to performance.  The off-season is one of the greatest opportunities for improvement.  Do not enter the crucial off-season period without first dreaming. What is it that you really want to accomplish?  What is it that would absolutely blow your socks off if you achieved? Once you establish this goal, ask yourself why it matters to you at the core.  This could be centered on health, self-confidence, a relationship, or simply a lifelong bucket list item. Regardless, you need to know what is going to make you fight for this goal, despite obstacles.  

Don’t waste another moment – dream now.  

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