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The Zipp 404 Basically Spins Forever

The Zipp 404 Basically Spins Forever
March 20, 2019 Nick Seitz
zipp 404 hub resistance

To illustrate just one benefit of a high quality set of race wheels, we conducted a very scientific test. By stacking the Zipp 404 up against a stock Shimano R5 wheelset and rotating them at (basically, probably) the same speed, we measured the relative amount of rotational friction in one wheel versus the other.

The results may astound you.

To see just how little friction the Zipp 404 rolls with, check out our video above!

We’d also like to remind you that we rent race wheels for a period of one week in the shop! The rental includes the labor of swapping the wheels (including your cassette) onto your bike, installation of carbon-specific brake pads, test riding and making sure they’re perfect, and sending you off to a week of unfathomably fast racing. What’s more, if you’re sold after the first ride and want a set for yourself, well, you can apply your rental credit towards the purchase of a new wheelset within 30 days of your rental. What a deal!

Give us a call at the shop, 804 – 741 – 1599 to learn more!

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