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The Long Run: Love It or Hate It?

The Long Run: Love It or Hate It?
December 6, 2019 Michael Harlow
You either love it or hate it. Regardless, that longer run of the week has the potential to transform your body and your mind.
Physically, the long run has tremendous value. In short, it develops a more efficient body. While you are putting in the miles, your body is learning how to process oxygen more effectively, developing capillaries, strengthening muscles and ligaments, and teaching you how to more effectively utilize fat as fuel, your body’s most efficient energy source.
Mentally, you are learning patience and pacing. You are learning how to stay focused and present for long durations of time. You are becoming a stronger mental athlete, but I believe long runs also make you stronger mentally for the rest of your life also.
I do a lot of thinking on my long runs – some of this thinking is about life, talking to God, or simply willing myself one step further. Long runs shape me as an athlete and person more than any other workout in my arsenal.
You don’t need a long run every week, but it should be a cornerstone of your run training. Don’t miss this valuable workout.
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