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Take The First Step

Take The First Step
April 21, 2017 Michael Harlow

We live in a world of “can’t.”   We perceive our limitations and refuse to break through them – paralyzed by “can’t.”  Instead of trying, we decide beforehand we simply “can’t” and never find out.  Therefore, we often achieve less than we were designed to.


Have you ever met someone who does not seem to be restricted by fear of failure?  Instead of can’t, he or she is always saying “I can.”  We are often mesmerized by the possibility of this, even pulled to it.  I believe we were all designed to view the world this way and one of my personal missions with starting Endorphin Fitness was to make this a reality for many people…to teach them to “Be More.”


A lot of people look at triathlon with an “I can’t” attitude.  I get it – it seems daunting.  In reality, triathlon is very doable.  I believe most everyone can complete a sprint triathlon if they are willing to work at it. Does it take a little hard work?  Absolutely – that is what makes it worthwhile.


If you are paralyzed by “can’t,” I encourage you to take the first step. If triathlon is a goal of yours, sign up for a race right now.  If there is another goal that scares you a bit, go for it.  Live without the fear and embrace “I can!”

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