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Shop Talk: 2019 Tires

Shop Talk: 2019 Tires
February 1, 2019 Nick Seitz

We’re stocking 3 tires in the shop in 2019, and there’s also one more excellent tire we gladly recommend (but have to special order) that we’d like to tell you about today.

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Continental Ultra Sport

First up, our go-to tire for sporty riders and everyday bikes alike. This is a $25 tire, and you can’t go wrong. The Ultra Sport logs excellent reviews across the board on durability and performance. the Ultra Sport will be a trusty tire for logging training miles as a recreational rider or a training athlete. This is also a folding bead tire, which makes it more convenient to store and transport, and lighter than the rigid bead counterpart. The rolling resistance is rather low for a tire of this price, however that comes at the expense of slightly lower puncture resistance. All told, though, this is an excellent and affordable tire.



Continental Grand Prix 5000

The GP 5000 is an update to the already well acclaimed GP4000. The GP5000 truly has no peer in terms well-roundedness. It is a racing tire that is durable enough to not sweat using all year. It’s lighter than the Ultra Sport by 45 grams. This may not seem like much at first glance. However, consider that this weight is multiplied across 2 tires, and that weight is counted against the force of the spinning wheels. Rotational weight is one of the most important items to minimize, and nowhere is this more important than the tire. Not only is it lighter, it’s faster too. The tire saves 3 watts over the already resistance GP4000. In fact, you’ll save as much as 14 watts over many stock tires. This is instantly noticeable to most riders. And, the icing on the cake? Excellent puncture resistance. The GP5000 costs $79 per tire, but come in from now until the end of February and you’ll get free high quality butyl tubes and free installation of your new tires as well.

Continental Hometrainer

It’s no secret that triathletes (and many cyclists, for that matter) are opting to log most of their training miles indoors. Continental knows this, so they created a tire specifically for indoor trainer use. The Hometrainer specifically states on the box that it is NOT to be used for outdoor riding. With a cold-set rubber which better dissipates the heat of the trainer and a special compound which will not leave flakes of rubber around your house, this is the tire you’ve been seeking for thousands of miles of indoor trainer optimization. Make sure you either keep this on a separate trainer wheel or diligently swap this out before riding your bike outside.

Continental Grand Prix Four Seasons

For the rider that may be doing some gravel racing or riding, or a rider that wants a worry-free ride all year round, we’ll order you a Grand Prix Four Seasons. The all-weather, all year tire from Continental comes with two layers of Vectran anti-puncture compound layered into their main tread, along with DuraSkin sidewall protection. This is our go-to tire for intrepid off-road rides that don’t want to sacrifice rolling resistance on the pavement.


Come into the shop today at 8908 Patterson Avenue, or give us a call at 804 741 1599 to get any of these excellent tires installed!

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