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Selling Out

Selling Out
April 24, 2020 Michael Harlow

This past week, we released some Strava segments that will serve as mock races for our team during this time of quarantine.  For others, you find yourself racing virtually through platforms like Zwift, doing run time trials, or digging deep in your home pain cave with training.  Regardless, it has probably been a while since you last raced so I would like to dedicate this week’s message to preparing your mind for these efforts.


In his book Elite Minds, Stan Beecham likened races to liquidation sales stating that “all must go.”  The goal of any race of any distance is to expel your complete tank by the finish line.  The perfect race – the one that you can be completely satisfied with no matter your place – is the one where you gave your all.


As you approach these upcoming race efforts or hard training sessions, I encourage you to be willing to risk it all with the goal of letting the candle completely burn out by the end.  This might mean committing to a pace that you don’t fully believe you can do but your training supports.  To achieve greatness, you must be willing to crash.


In the current environment on virtual and solo racing, the risk is low but the reward great with being willing to sell out and take big risks.  If done correctly, you will learn a valuable skill that will take you to a new level when traditional races resume.

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