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Ryan’s Message: What does it mean to Be More?

Ryan’s Message: What does it mean to Be More?
October 26, 2018 Nick Seitz

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“Be More, Live Red” is our motto at Endorphin Fitness. I want to encourage you all to think on those words for a moment, especially the first half. Are you living into that today? Are you taking steps to challenge yourself and be more and achieve more than you thought was possible for yourself?

Runners World is a magazine I read regularly, and they often feature amazing stories of competitors that finish in the top spots at major marathons. Sometimes, there’s a competitor that comes out of nowhere and surprises everyone- runners that nobody was talking about. One thing that all these competitors’ stories have in common is that they never counted themselves out. They believed in themselves. They didn’t let being alongside the “top runners” intimidate them, and they ran their race, and they achieved amazing things.

To truly step into a greater aspect of ourselves, we need to first think that we can Be More and achieve these things.

So I invite you to reflect and ask yourself first if you’ve considered this idea, to Be More. Are you making plans on how to improve and take on big challenges and accomplish major goals? If you are already an athlete at Endorphin Fitness, I want to encourage you to find time to talk with your coach soon about what your 2019 season looks like and how we can make you a plan to accomplish it. However, if you’re not an athlete, I want to ask you to make those first steps into investing in your future success and reach out to one of our coaches.

We work with people and athletes of all stripes. From those that are shooting for the Olympic Trials or world championships, to those that just want to complete their first triathlon or run a mile without walking, we are invested in accomplishments of every variety. Shoot me an email- ryanm@endorphinfitness.com. I would love to talk with you about how you can Be More!

Ryan Middleton
Endorphin Fitness

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