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Ryan’s Message: Making Resolutions Stick

Ryan’s Message: Making Resolutions Stick
February 1, 2019 509
new year's resolutions

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Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re like me, you probably have a few in the back of your mind that you started the year with. They’re famous for being maintained for two or three weeks in January and then people don’t talk about them again until the ball drops next year. However, there’s one important thing we do here at Endorphin Fitness that helps goals stick- we write them down.

What we do with all of our athletes is encourage them to write down their goals. There’s a lot to be said for writing the goals down, because it allows us to create steps towards achieving those goals.

The first step was easy- writing the goal down! Make copies. Put them on the mirror and look at them when you brush your teeth. Put them by your alarm so you can see them when you wake up. Put them in your car or on your desk. Look on them as reminders of what you’ve set out to do this year.

As for the goals themselves, don’t make them too easy, but don’t make them unrealistic. Don’t be afraid of dreaming a little! Sit down your coach and identify a few key goals that you’d like to achieve this year. Make sure they’re goals that excite you, and goals that goals that fuel the passion and desire you have inside you.

Choosing goals and writing them down is the first step. But if your goals as an athlete have to do with racing, an easy next step is to actually sign up. Whether it’s a 5k or an Ironman, you should sign up as soon as you can. It’s no secret- once you have a little money invested in something, that drive to accomplish the goal is going to be greater. Sign up, put it on the calendar, and plan accordingly.

Next, line up your year. If your goal is an Ironman in the fall, back up from that through the calendar. Look at, for example, doing a 70.3 4-6 weeks before that, and an Olympic before that. What else needs to be addressed to reach that goal? Maybe you need to work on your swimming, but maybe it’s something else. Maybe your diet or sleep habits need to be addressed. Maybe there are some people in your life that detract from accomplishing your goals that you need to spend less time with. Whatever the case may be, lay out the steps and intermediate goals along the way.

Write your goals down, sign up, and order your steps. Finally, get accountable. Your family, friends, and coaches come into the picture here in a huge way. They’ll encourage you to go to bed early, to set your alarm, to not skimp on the hard workouts, and to stretch and ice afterwards. By finding a good team of people to help push alongside you, and by finding a good coach to help you order your steps and keep you accountable, you’ll do well in making your resolutions stick!

Ryan Middleton
Endorphin Fitness

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