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As Race Season Approaches

As Race Season Approaches
March 26, 2018 Nick Seitz

As Race Season Approaches…

As we approach the gun going off, there are several things that you should be doing today (that you likely have not thought of) to ensure you have your best season yet:

Take Note of Your Great Workouts

One of the most important things you can have coming into a race is confidence. One of the best ways to build confidence is to look through the workouts you have crushed this winter. Find the workouts that exceeded your expectations and build stock in them. Look over the tough workouts that almost broke you but you overcame and remind yourself that you will do it again on race day. Build your foundation on these workouts.

Learn from Your Tough Workouts

As you review your notes, you will also come across some not-so-great workouts. Acknowledge them and learn from them. Try to determine what factors led to the less-than-ideal workout (mental approach, life stress, poor nutrition, etc) and how you can minimize these factors on race day. Recognize that you are stronger today than you were when you completed that workout. Refuse to dwell negatively on these workouts.

Dial in the Details

Think through the small things.   For triathlon, take the time to practice transitions until you have perfected them. Think through your nutrition plan and then use the time between now and the race to experiment with it every workout. Study the race course and find ways to mimic it in your final workouts. These little things make a big difference on race day – start planning them out now.

Assess Your Equipment

Go through your equipment and make sure everything is in order. Are there any changes or upgrades you want to make before race day? Is there any service that should be done before the week of the race?   I recommend setting up an appointment with the experts in our shop to talk through these items and determine if your equipment is safe and if you are leaving any time on the table with your current set up.

Appreciate Your Gifts

Take a moment and appreciate the fact that you can enjoy this amazing sport. You are a part of a small percentage of ultra-fit people in the universe, and it is truly special that you get to enjoy the feeling of race day. In the end, after the race production team has broken down the finish line, your fitness is likely what you will be most thankful for. Take a moment today to recognize this gift and enter a season of racing with anticipation and gratitude.

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