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Race Results Oct 29-30

Race Results Oct 29-30
November 2, 2016 Michael Harlow

Some exciting races this weekend for EF athletes at the Healthy Kids Run Series, Call Federal Union Jr Marathon, San Francisco 10k, the Bermuda National Triathlon Championships, Super 8 Tachino, Austin 70.3, several XC races including conference championships, and several swim meets.

Bethy Vallejo competed in the San Francisco 10k finishing with an impressive 5th in her age group
Several strong XC races this past week. Kylie Bonser and Lucy Poh both had PRs at Tomahawk Creek Middle School XC this week. Parker Albright took 2nd in her conference meet with a strong race against some of the best high schoolers in the state. Ben Poling, Liam Savage, and Eloise de Landevoisin. Emily Whitty pulled off a third consecutive PR at the Conference 20 championships along with Lauryn Nilson producing a strong result.

Barrett LeHardy had a good day at Ironman 70.3 Austin.

Kieran Haug and Carson Everman both had strong swim meets this past week. Kieran set a new PR for the 1650 (mile) swimming a 19:30.

Nick Pilgrim had a strong race at the Bermuda National Triathlon Championships closing out his triathlon season.
Presley Evans took his 2nd consecutive win in the 11-12 age group at Super 8 Tachino and father Scott Evans took 20th in his category.

At the Call Federal Union Jr Marathon, Luke Craven extended his winning streak with a close overall win in the 1 mile race.

The EF Youth finished out the Healthy Kids Run Series with their 5th and final race. For the final race, Colby Harlow took 14th in the pre-K race. In the K-1st grade category, Brown Ukrop took his 5th win followed by Zach Fisher in 3rd on the boy’s side while Hazel Gillespie finished 2nd, Ellie Harlow 6th, Emilia Avitable 14th, and Hattie Wells 15th on the girl’s side. In the 2nd-3rd grade category, Brody Savage took 8th, Cannen Harlow 10th, Ethan Wallace 11th, and Garrett Tambourline 14th on the boy’s side while on the girl’s side, Hadley Harlow took 8th, Austin Harlow 13th, and Sofia Avitable 14th. In the 4th-5th grade category, Patrick Harlow took the win followed by Luke Craven in 2nd, Colby Wallace 3rd, Ian Henderson 4th, Jude Gillespie 5th, and Caleb Harlow 14th on the boy’s side while on the girl’s side, Maddie Fisher took the win followed by Hazel Wells in 3rd. In the Mechanicsville Series race, Joshua Gray won his race making it 5 in a row.

For the entire Healthy Kids Run Series, we had several EF athletes place. Brown Ukrop won the K-1st grade category, Hazel Gillespie took 2nd in the 2nd-3rd grade category, EF swept the 4th-5th grade boys category with Luke Craven taking 1st, Patrick Harlow 2nd, and Colby Wallace 3rd while Maddie Fisher took 2nd on the girl’s side in the same category. And in the Mechanicsville series, Joshua Gray won every race of the series to take the overall win. Also, the parents got to race at the final race and we saw some super impressive races from the parents!

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