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Race Results 6/17-23

Race Results 6/17-23
June 25, 2019 Michael Harlow

Impressive results for team EF at the RVA Splash & Dash Hallsley, Ragnar Bike/Run Relay, National Senior Games, Bryan Park Crit, Montclair Sprint, Armed Forces Tri Champs, and Tri It Now Manassas Mini Triathlon.

EF youth team had a ton of fun and strong races at the first race of the RVA Splash & Dash Series at Hallsley.  Ellie Harlow, Zach Fisher, Andrea Rogerson, and Anneliese Rogerson all won their age group.  Hadley Harlow took 2nd.  Annika Rogerson. Cannen Harlow, and Caleb Harlow took 3rd.  Brown Ukrop, Patrick Harlow, and Austin Harlow took 4th. Ariana Hochfelder took 8th.  Strong races by all.

Rachel Wood had a very strong performance at the Ragnar Bike/Run Relay!

At the National Senior Games, Jim Fuller finished 6th overall in the 10k.  Way to go Jim!

Strong races at Bryan Park despite the rain this week.  Jake Dysart finished 6th and Presley Evans finished with the pack.

At the Montclair Sprint Tri, Jackson Foster took 4th overall / 1st age group and Sam Kayne 2nd overall female.  In the age groups, Cat Claman was 1st age group; Kegan Carrol, Jack Leon-Guerrero, and Justin Free 2nd age group; and Bella Larkin 3rd age group.

Matthew Schiller competed in the Armed Forces Triathlon Championship, earning 4th place.

Mary Jane Willis competed in the Tri it Now Manassas Mini triathlon, earning 1st place in her division.

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