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Race Recap: April 21st – April 22nd

Race Recap: April 21st – April 22nd
April 24, 2018 Nick Seitz

We have a ton of races to report on this week! As always, congrats to all athletes who raced and gave it their all this weekend. Main races were Rumpus in Bumpass hosted by Kinetic Multisports, White Lake Half Ironman, the first race of the VAHS MTB series at Forest Hill, as well as the Petersburg Half Marathon. We are waiting to hear from the Healthy Kids Run Series on results, and will update as soon as we hear back!

At the Rumpus in Bumpass Olympic on Saturday, Jean Kleitz took 1st overall female and had an amazing race! She executed the perfect race plan and all her offseason training really paid off. Congrats! Glenn Young took 1st in his age group, and Scott Evans took 3rd in his age group. At the Sprint on Sunday, Chad Albright took 3rd overall, and Alex Tan took 1st in his age group. Coach Anne raced hard and took 1st place in her age group, Sadé Smith took 1st and Bella Larkin took 2nd place in 16-19 age group.

At the White Lake Half Ironman, Kelly Britt landed 1st in her AG with a blistering swim and run, despite some mechanical issues on the bike! Jack Martin and Lenora Mariner raced the White Lake Half Ironman and both had standout performances! Lenora won her age group and Jack got second in his age group, breaking the 6:00:00 mark with a PR of over 10 minutes.

At the first race of the VAHS Mountain Bike Series, team Endorphin Fitness had a strong showing.  In the elementary school race, Ian Henderson took 2nd, Jude Gillespie 6th, Cannen Harlow 18th, Caleb Harlow 23rd, Ben Foster 26th, and Austin Drewnowski 28th.  Patrick Harlow and Alexander Israel both were having strong races until they had mechanicals that forced them to abandon the race. In the middle school race, Presley Evans finished 7th racing up as a 5th grader.  In the JV High School race, Jake Dysart finished 3rd, Rex Nguyen 5th, Caleb McCaskill 12th, and Miles Fagan 23rd.

At the first race of the Healthy Kids Race Series,  Team Endorphin Fitness had an incredibly strong showing.  In the Pre-K race, Colby Harlow took 16th.  In the K-1st Grade race, Lane Jacobs, Emmerson Beazley, and Hattie Wells went 1-2-3 on the girls side and Maddox Blakiston took 14th on the boys side.  In the 2nd-3rd Grade race, Andrea Rogerson took 1st, Ellie Harlow 2nd, Hadley Harlow 4th, and Austin Harlow 5th on the girls side while Zach Fisher took 3rd on the boy’s side.  In the 4th-5th Grade race, Hazel Wells took 1st, Mary Kate Jacobs 3rd, Annika Rogerson 5th, and Abigail McKay 7th on the girl’s side while Theo Conradie took 1st, Caleb Harlow 2nd, Parker McKay 3rd, and Cannen Harlow 5th on the boy’s side.  In the middle school race, Anneliese Rogerson took 1st.  PRs were had by Lane Jacobs, Emmerson Beazley, Andrea Rogerson, Theo Conradie, Caleb Harlow, Cannen Harlow, Annika Rogerson, and Anneliese Rogerson.

At the Petersburg Half Marathon, McKenley Mason snagged a course PR and finished strong with a time of 2:03:37. Alberta Williams finished in the top 20 of her age group- congrats Alberta!

Emma Weaver had another strong race in the Spring Backyard Burn series at Lake Fairfax

Susan Alexander ran very well to a 2nd place age group finish at the Hilton Hustle 5k!

At the Lee Davis Invite, Hannah Lupica landed a PR in the 2 mile, along with Colby Burcham running a blistering 4:30 in the 1600.  Lauryn Nelson ran a PR in the 1600 as well.

At the last regular season meet of the season, Jonathan Ryan ran well to a 2nd place finish in the 3200 with a season PR.  Lucy Poh ran extremely well in the 400 as well as the 4X400 leading her relay to a school record!

Bowen Suro PR’d in the 800m at her school track meet with a time of 2:51, which earned her third place!

Joshua Gray set a new PR in the mile this week running 5:27 in his middle school track meet.

In his high school track meet, Kieran Haug won both the 1500 and the 3000 with strong times.

Congrats to all our athletes!

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