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Race Recap: April 14th – April 15th

Race Recap: April 14th – April 15th
April 16, 2018 Nick Seitz

It was a great weekend of racing for all our athletes! Congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend. Races include Richmond’s own Monument Ave 10k, Prison Break 10k, James River Invitational, and many local track and field meets.

At the Monument Ave 10k, we had so many athletes PR, place, and have strong results despite the heat. Matthew Myers, Myles Baker, and Sarah Look all grabbed PR’s. Nina Marino, Michelle Fang, and Monica Woodward ,Brian (Walt) Walter, Maggie Geoghegen, Andrea Bovo, Karl Lipscomb, Ramsey Bloodworth, Jay Beckstoffer, Mary Kate Jacobs Kristopher Scott, Michele Eiker, Dawn Carter, Dennis Kao, Sandrine Thominet, Caitlin Weston, and Mickie Fleming all had very strong results!

Other notable results include Julie Patterson at seventh overall women’s and the top local finisher, running 36:46. Cort Kirkley was 4th in his age group, and had a strong race. Lane Jacobs ran the one mile race with an excellent result at 7:17. Bowen Suro ran her first 10k with a time of 55:46! Mckenley Mason completed the 10k after stopping his race to help a teammate who had sustained an injury. A true team player!

Ivan Cheung had a strong race in Boston with terrible conditions and battled through injuries. Coach Kevin Mallon also had a strong day despite tough conditions.

At the James River Invitational as well as a mid week track meet, Jonathan Ryan, Lucy Poh, Lauryn Nelson, and Hannah Lupica all grabbed PR’s.  Colby Burcham, and Emily Merchant had strong results as well.

Logan White ran a blistering 2:42 in the 800 at the Radford Relays!  Nice work Logan!

Hope Frost set a new 3200 PR running 11:37 in her track meet Thursday and then debuted in the Steeplechase on Saturday running an impressive 7:53 2k.

Caleb McCaskill took an impressive 4th in Cat 4 Men at Jeff Cup Road Race.

Nick Pilgrim had a strong finish at a local time trial in Bermuda.

Kieran Haug matched his PRs in his track meet this week.

At the Prison Break 10K, Anna Mihalovic took first in the 15-19- way to go Anna! At the same race in the 5k and 1k distances, Anna’s siblings Sarah, Mark, and Eva Mihalovic all had good races on a hilly and tough course.

Rachel McNeal completed the Virginia Tech Remembrance Run in a time of 31:41.

Andy Valerie snagged first in his age group in the Miller School Conquer the Hill 4 hour Mountain bike Race. He pushed through hot conditions and a killer calf cramp!

In the collegiate sphere, Christian Locke completed the Belew’s Lake Olympic triathlon with a PR of 15 minutes this weekend! Emily Kontos completed the Belew’s Lake Sprint Triathlon, snagging first in her age group!

Congrats to all our athletes!


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