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Product of the Week: Custom bike builds

Product of the Week: Custom bike builds
June 28, 2018 Nick Seitz

Our head mechanic Andrew Wolak recently finished this really stunning build for one of our employees, and we wanted to share his hard work as well as let you know about our custom bike building services! In addition to carrying stock bikes complete with groupsets and wheels from our brands Felt, Scott, and Cervélo, we will also happily consult with you on a variety of options for building up a bike from the frame. This approach has many benefits, chief among them being that you can customize your build right from the start. For example, do you like a certain frame set but wish it was spec’d out with SRAM Red rather than Shimano? We’d be happy to price out a SRAM build and purchase the frame from our dealer and get you on the custom bike of your dreams.

Another huge advantage is being able to pick up the bike with an upgraded wheelset. Oftentimes, it’s advantageous to make a slight investment in wheels (even if they’re not racing wheels) and have a much lighter and more responsive bike as a result. For example, we went with Zipp 101s, an alloy shallow section wheel for this Cervélo S5 build. Even a basic option like this in Zipp’s lineup is a huge step up!

Besides buying new, we can also often mix and match existing parts with new frames, or upgrade old frames with new components. If you don’t want to make the plunge on an entirely new bike, we can happily consult with you in the shop about what some economical options for upgrading your drivetrain, frame, wheels, or any combination thereof in order to make an old bike feel and ride new again.

Finally since saddles, stems, bars, and even cranksets will often have to be changed anyway in the fitting process, bike fits and custom buildings go hand in hand. If you start from the ground up with Andrew in one of his bike fits, he will be able to consult with you on the best components to put on a new frame and put you on a bike that will look and feel unique and amazing!

Give us a call at the shop at (804) 741 1599 or stop by today to discuss a custom bike build!

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