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Michael’s Message – Without Fear

Michael’s Message – Without Fear
December 9, 2017 Nick Seitz

Coach Ryan sent me an article this week that everyone should read – you can do so here. It is the perfect exclamation mark after my article on seeking failure last week (read here). Honestly, I am not sure I should write anything this week beyond just encouraging you to read this article as it is that good, but I will….

The article shares the story of Parker Stinson’s recent performance at the USATF Marathon Championships, his debut marathon at 24 years old. Instead of running a safe race, Stinson went off the front leading the race for 22 miles at a pace that was faster than Galen Rupp’s Olympic Trials Marathon through the first 20 miles. Though he slowed after mile 22 to have several pass him, I agree with the article’s author that the performance was heroic.

I preach about proper pacing all the time, but sometimes you must just throw yourself out there without fear. Stinson did just that, and even though he was not able to hold it to the finish, it proved to himself (and the running world) that he has what it takes to be great. Sometimes our perceived limitations get in the way of our true potential. We train and race in a self-perceived box – refusing to run with “that” person or at “that” pace. Take yourself out of the box and take a risk…you might just find you capable of more. Be more.

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