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Michael’s Message: The Encouragement Trap

Michael’s Message: The Encouragement Trap
December 21, 2018 Nick Seitz

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I walked outside the other day to find my five-year-old son guiding his little sister in a mock triathlon. Yes, they were even wearing goggles and cap though there was no body of water for miles. Excited to see this, I playfully began cheering for my son as he ran laps around our driveway. At this, he stopped and exclaimed, “Calm down dad.”

I was a bit taken back. Had I really crossed the line? Though I did not believe this was the case, it did serve as a reminder to me that as parents, we need to be reminded to calm down. Be it sport, school, hobbies, or the neighborhood game of tag, we need to let our kids perform without constant interference from us. We need to be their cheerleader but not their coach. We need to remember that in sport there are more important things at play including character, life skill development, and friendships that are far more important to their long-term success than the score of this game.

So, next time you get the amazing opportunity to watch your child compete, I hope this story reminds you to calm down and just enjoy.

Michael Harlow
Head Coach, Founder
Endorphin Fitness

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