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Michael’s Message: Power of the Coach

Michael’s Message: Power of the Coach
May 26, 2018 Nick Seitz

Sometimes I can be a little intense at my athletes’ races.  This is evident in me running around the course yelling encouraging words, communicating tactics, and urging the athletes to keep going.  Some coaches have a cool, collected style – they sit back and watch the hard work pay off. I think this is a perfectly good strategy for some – I just can’t do it.  I feel like the work is only half done when the gun goes off.

You see, I believe in the power of the coach.  I believe that just as we motivate throughout the training, we can affect the outcome of a race based on what we do and say on race day.  I believe that the right words from a coach in the middle of a race can result in athletes performing significantly better and that the simple sight of a coach on the course can encourage athletes to maintain their effort.  When I am running around the course yelling, it is because I believe my performance as a coach will directly impact the race. I am connected to the athletes and we are racing towards our goals together


Yes, I can be a little intense at my athletes’ race.  My words in these race situations are never negative, never angry, and never intended to tear down.  I am intense for them – because they matter to me. We are connected towards a common goal. When you toe the start line, know that I am toeing it as well.

Michael Harlow,
Founder & Head Coach,
Endorphin Fitness

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