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Michael’s Message: Why Your Kid Should Be a Triathlete (Video!)

Michael’s Message: Why Your Kid Should Be a Triathlete (Video!)
June 9, 2018 Nick Seitz


I grew up playing just about every sport there was.  I found triathlon when I was ten years old and used it to get in better shape than my opponents in other sports.  Though not my primary sport through high school, it gave back to me more than other sports – it gave me a greater sense of accomplishment.  Today, I believe it is the greatest sport on the planet and have built a career around sharing it with young people. So, let me tell you 3 big reasons why all kids should be involved in triathlons.  

# 1 – Triathlon is the healthiest sport available to youth today.  Find me another sport that has the cardiovascular and muscular benefits of triathlon.  Using three sports, triathletes develop balanced muscle use and achieve a higher volume of aerobic development without injury than a single sport athlete.  The three-sport nature of triathlon also leads to better mental health as kids experience less burnout. This is key during a time when kids are being pressured to specialize earlier in a single sport.   

# 2 – Triathlon is confidence-building.  It does not matter how old you are, there is something special about saying you completed a triathlon.   As much as I am trying to change this, triathlon is still not a mainstream sport like soccer or football and therefore it instills confidence for a young person to complete a triathlon.  Triathlon is challenging, and you get what you put into it. It is extremely encouraging to a young person to set a goal and be able to track progress through a simple stop watch. Lastly, the triathlon community is uplifting, encouraging, and welcoming to beginners – all of which foster confidence.

# 3 – Triathlon has a future.  Triathlon can be enjoyed by your child for a lifetime.  Athletes enjoy the sport into their 80s and are healthier for it.  Additionally, triathlon is an Olympic sport and an NCAA varsity sport for women and club sport for men.  Its growth is steadily rising, especially among kids. Triathlon is here to stay and there are endless opportunities for all ages.  

Are you ready to get started?  For kids, triathlons are very short and consist of many variations including swim-bike-run, swim-run, and bike-run.  There are many training groups around the country available to kids. Give me a call as I would be thrilled to help you experience triathlon. 

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