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Michael’s Message: Can You Endure?

Michael’s Message: Can You Endure?
December 14, 2018 Nick Seitz
can you endure

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There are so many varying degrees of endurance.  At times, it is waiting for the light to turn green, for news that a loved one has come out of surgery safely, or for a hard period of life to be over.  Some come with physical pain, some emotional pain, and others a combination of the two. All require a level of endurance to sustain the wait.

In an era of impatience when everyone needs things yesterday and attention spans are limited to 3 second stories on Instagram, endurance is a skill that is vital to our success.  I believe a lack of mental endurance is a significant contributor to the rise of mental illness today. We simply crumble when we are forced to slowly endure.

Endurance sports train this vital skill.  Endurance athletes must learn to withstand discomfort for long periods of time.  They are taught to be patient, mindful, and positive. They are taught to endure when most would simply give up.  I believe endurance sports train people to endure life better.

There is value in the process of enduring.  Though painful during, the result is all the sweeter.  Periods of endurance are likely some of the most memorable accomplishments of your life.  We all need to seek out more endurance.

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