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Michael’s Message – The Best Drug

Michael’s Message – The Best Drug
December 29, 2017 Nick Seitz

Can you imagine if there was a TV commercial for the drug endorphin?  Slow uplifting music playing in the background while two people lay exhausted on a track enjoying the euphoric feeling of endorphins.  Then images are shown of these same people going about their day, having success in many areas and being just a tad more upbeat than those around them.  And no scary side effects at the end.  It is an accurate picture that more need to experience, daily.

Unfortunately, this world tends to rely more on manufactured drugs to take away our physical and mental pains.  Instead of going on a run, we pop another pill hoping to relieve the pain, if only temporarily.

The truth is that endorphins are around 18-33 times more potent than drugs like morphine (HH Loh, LF Tseng, E Wei, and CH Li. “beta-endorphin is a potent analgesic agent”).  Let this sink in as it is a powerful realization.  With a regular dose of endorphins, we feel less physical pain and stress has less of an effect on us.  We become happier and more successful people.  Endorphins’ power can do more than just mask pain – it can change your day, your life.

This is serious stuff in today’s world where mental illness is on a rise.  There is still a place for medications, but I urge you to look towards our running shoes, bike, or goggles first. As we head into 2018, commit to exercise first.

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