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Michael’s Message – Live Red Foundation

Michael’s Message – Live Red Foundation
April 13, 2018 Nick Seitz

Live Red Foundation

For thirteen years, Endorphin Fitness has seen fitness and endurance sports be a catalyst for positive change in individuals. Though our core products are coaching and retail, our heart rest in the impact these services have on people’s lives. With this heart, we have always had a stirring to expand this mission and reach more people through fitness.


Enter the Live Red Foundation which we recently helped form. This 501(c)3 non-profit organization exists to bring life to individuals, families, and communities through fitness despite socioeconomic boundaries. Live Red Foundation’s vision is to teach a world to be more through fitness. This is done by bringing events, training, education, and scholarships to communities to provide opportunity and empowerment.


Though a separate entity from Endorphin Fitness, our missions overlap and therefore we will be collaborating on many projects in the community. If you believe in the power of fitness, we invite you to join our team as well through your time, finances, and simply sharing the Live Red Foundation with your friends. Learn more about the Live Red Foundation at livered.org.
Michael Harlow
Founder & Head Coach,
Endorphin Fitness

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