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Managing COVID Crazy

Managing COVID Crazy
March 27, 2020 Michael Harlow

Many of you are likely finding yourself struggling to balance work and training while sheltering at home.  If you are anything like me (I have seven kids), this can be quite a challenge.  Being in a large family, I had to find a way to balance this long before COVID19.  Here are a few tips to keep you sane:


  1. Embrace It – Though tragic, COVID-19 has blessed us all with more family time. I have never seen more people spending time with their families outdoors than I have over the past week.  This is the diamond in this rough, rough patch.  Don’t fight it – soak it up.  I believe COVID-19 might just change the way we prioritize family.


  1. Compartmentalize Your Time – I learned a long time ago that it is better to spend less time on something but be completely focused during that time. This definitely applies to work, family, and training.  I can be with my family all day with my head in the clouds and be a horrible father.  It would be much better for me to be 100% focused on work when at work, 100% focused on training when training, and 100% focused on family when with family.  This is incredibly challenging at such a time as this when all seem to be mixed, but I encourage you to set apart specific time for each when possible.  This takes careful planning.


  1. Realize It is Temporary – Though incredibly hard for everyone, hold onto the hope that this will eventually pass. During this limited time, things will be different forcing us to adjust but life will go back to normal at some point.  Be willing to make adjustments now knowing this is temporary.


Hang in there!  This tragic time gives us all an opportunity to rise above and be better.  At a time when many will allow negativity to come forth, I encourage you to rise above.


You can also watch this message at https://youtu.be/wvH5yn-iGTQ which I encourage to get the full experience though the writing above is better at sharing the message as I was obviously distracted when filming ????.

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