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It’s Here (Again) – Camille Ronesi

It’s Here (Again) – Camille Ronesi
October 13, 2015 Michael Harlow

Pick a store.  Any store.  What is one thing you are guaranteed to see right now?

Halloween candy.

I love Halloween as much as the next person.  Indeed, holidays in general are pretty darn fun, especially when they are centered around yummy treats.  However, the longer I have been in this line of work, the more trouble I have had with being a part of the sugar problem.  Sure, I indulge in my fair share of sweets, but I’ve found the idea of tempting others with such goodies to be less and less attractive.
Since we’re talking about Halloween for now (please don’t bring up that other holiday yet!), I’ll offer my few personal choices that help me get through all of the temptation while still feeling balanced.  If you want to borrow an idea, please do.  If you have one of your own, I’m all ears!

  1. Little kids love tattoos.
    And stickers, glow sticks, bubbles, erasers, pencils, stamps……  The $1 aisle at Target offers plenty of trinkets that will give a kid a thrill while sparing your wallet.  When my son’s pre-school held a Trunk-or-Treat, I couldn’t bring myself to hand out candy to 3-year olds so I gave them glo-stick bracelets and bubbles. The older kids got little boxes of temporary tattoos.  The kids where happy, the parents thought it was cool, and I felt great.  Bonus: Rather than being leftover with a tempting bowl of candy, I have a surplus of goodies that can be recycled this year.
  2. Most of the candy is cheap junk.
    Seriously, is it such a crime to just throw away the nasty stuff? Why does it have to continue to sit there and taunt you until that one desperate sugar craving that has you giving into the orange dyed carnauba wax?  In our home, chocolate and peanut butter make it through the screening process (though maybe not the first day), but the rest of it inevitably ends up in the trash.  (Sorry, candy corn.)3.  Since I have the stupid gadget, anyways…
    I have a Fitbit.  If it’s telling me that I’ve been sitting on my rear all day, then that pack of M&M’s probably isn’t such a good idea.  Many of you have a gadget of your own and it likely wasn’t cheap.  What’s the point of “investing” in a cool fitness gizmo if all you’re going to do is ignore it? 

    With all of that being said, I hope that you’re gearing up for a fun holiday!  Pick your poisons (er, sugars), enjoy the fun, and find festive ways to enjoy it all!


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