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Into The Unknown

Into The Unknown
October 2, 2020 Michael Harlow

The greatest rewards in life come when we are willing to step out into the unknown, the uncertain, the sometimes unsafe.  Though often uncomfortable, real growth happens in these times.


When I think back on my life, my greatest memories and accomplishments occurred when I stepped out in faith not knowing the outcome.  I think of when I traveled to Congo three times to bring my adopted son home never knowing if it would ever be possible due to government restrictions.  I think of starting Endorphin Fitness just a few months out of college after recently getting married.  I think of the times when I toed the line against competition I was not supposed to beat or verbally stated a seemingly unachievable goal to friends and family knowing that I was now on the hook.  These are the times I was forced to be better.


The unknown is uncomfortable, challenging, and sometimes scary, but the rewards are greatest when we are willing to take the risk.  Jimmy Carter once said, “Go out on a limb.  That’s where the fruit it.”  The limb is where we all need to spend a little more time.


What areas of your life are calling you into the unknown?  Maybe it is work, family/relationships, or your training.  I encourage you to step out in faith because the reward is great.


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