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Michael’s Message: Humble Pie

Michael’s Message: Humble Pie
November 23, 2018 Nick Seitz
Humble pie to face

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I want to share with you a story knowing fully that it ends with me having pie in my face (figuratively that is).  Several weeks ago, I was coaching our junior team and as we went around a technical course, I noticed that they were not taking a specific corner correctly.  After observing this one time, I corrected them, but no changes were made on the second attempt. So, I got frustrated and spoke the infamous words, “watch how it’s done!”

I then rode 50 yards away from the corner and turned around – posturing as a master would – and attacked the corner at full speed.  I took the perfect line and hit the corner hard but had failed to assess how wet the corner was. As I pedaled hard out of the corner, my wheels suddenly loss traction going sideways, and I was thrown to the pavement hard.  As I lay there, shock and silence cast over my gazing admirers and time stood still. Finally, one of them said in a very mild voice, “are you ok?” To which I responded, “well that is not how it is done.”

I share this with you not simply to embarrass myself but to drive home the point that your coaches are in this with you.  Though we have coached thousands of athletes to their goals, we are athletes learning as well and striving to get better every day.  We are in community together with you, pursuing endurance. We are athletes and coaches working towards a common goal alongside you and that is a very valuable thing to us and our community.  

Michael Harlow

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