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Endorphin Fitness is regarded as one of the nation’s top youth and adult fitness coaches.  From general fitness training to sport-specific endurance coaching, we have guided thousands to their goals.  We have group and personal coaching options for ages 5 to adult in our 4 locations (Richmond, Fairfax, Prince William, and Hampton Roads) as well as online coaching if you are not local to one of our locations.   In addition, we help produce several youth and adult races – learn more below!

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Adult Coaching

Endorphin Fitness coaches have helped over 2,000 people achieve big things. Whether it is finishing the race they never thought they could, getting on the podium for the first time, or simply feeling more fit for life, we have the expertise to get you there safely and effectively.  We have triathlon, run, cycling, and general fitness programs for all fitness levels & goals.  Group and private coaching options if near one of our locations and online coaching options for people worldwide. Learn more – choose one of our locations or the worldwide option at the bottom of page.

Youth Coaching

Endorphin Fitness is regarded as one of the nation’s top youth endurance programs (2012 US Youth Coach of the Year).  We have flexible group and personal triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, and general fitness programs for ages 5-18 at our four locations.  Participants improve endurance, strength, speed, coordination, and mindset which helps them with any sport they choose to pursue as well as life in general.  If not near one of our locations, we have online coaching options for youth age 12-18 worldwide. Learn more – choose one of our locations or the worldwide option at the bottom of page.


At Endorphin Fitness, we believe that all children deserve fitness.  Therefore, we helped start Live Red Foundation which provides free fitness programs which teach life skills to children in low-opportunity neighborhoods.  The primary source of funding for these programs is the registrations of Live Red Foundation’s youth & adult race series.   This race series consists of a variety of youth and adult triathlons, running races, and various multiport events which fuel change in our community.

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Youth Testimonials

Jenna, 16

“Endorphin Fitness has taught me to be more by giving me a sense of self discipline. Fitting in workouts as a high school athlete can get challenging, especially around exams and on holiday breaks. Whenever I finish a workout that I have to complete on my own, I always feel so great. Sometimes I have to miss a party or two to go to practice, and in hindsight I’d still always pick practice.”

Lane, 7

“Endorphin has helped me be more confident. Coach Sally makes running fun and all the coaches encourage me to do my best at whatever I do.”

A Parent

“Thanks again for all your help, patience and encouragement with him. After spending all weekend at a swim meet, I heard multiple stories about different coaches trying to “motivate” kids with various approaches, most ending with the kids hating swimming or wanting to quit (at ages 12 and under).  Extremely sad and frustrating. It only made me more thankful than ever that L found EF!  Whether he continues with triathlons the rest of life or not, he is learning skills that will help him for a long time to come (hard work, diligence, teamwork, dealing with disappointment, etc) in such an encouraging environment.

Adult Testimonials

Brian K

“What you all have at Endorphin Fitness is pretty incredible.  A community of support, teamwork, accountability, and compassion is very rare in this day and age!” 

Peter W

“Thanks sooo much. It has been a wonderful year for me.  Coach Erin and Tanner did a tremendous job with me this year. I have learned soooo much from them …fitness, hydration, nutrition, making wise training decisions… and the list goes on. I am soo excited as they continue to develop me and the results come flying through. It is a wonderful program with wonderful coaches and wonderful athletes to work out with. I am am sooo excited to continue to make goals and improve.”

Lee W

“EF has had everything to do with getting me ready.  I think one of your biggest benefits is the team camaraderie. And your great coaching staff.  Best available in Richmond.  I’ve been with others as you may know.  [Your coaches] are consistent, responsive and attentive to every level of athlete.  [They] show up and always puts in their very best.”

Bryce W

“Could not have done it without Endorphin. You have something special at Endorphin, and I’m just honored to be a part of it. I’ve got more big dreams and goals to get after!”

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Endorphin Fitness has several local programs to choose from. We also work with athletes all over the world through our personal remote coaching.  Choose your best option below.


We have several programs located throughout the state of VA. If you’re located near one of the following programs, click below to find out more and meet the coaches!

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The coach and athlete may be farther apart, but the relationship and the expertise are the same. To learn about what we offer to athletes worldwide, click here.

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