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Why Youth Triathlon?

Why Youth Triathlon?
July 25, 2017 Nick Seitz

There are many options for keeping your child healthy and fit. Many are good for the physical development of your child.  But there’s something more we want for our children: Confidence. We want our children to feel comfortable in their own skin and to feel empowered by and responsible for their wellbeing and success. For some that comes from basketball, baseball, or soccer; but there are others out there who are craving something different.

Triathlon (swim-bike-run) might be exactly what your child is looking for.  Though still a team sport, the emphasis is placed on personal improvement through bettering times which in turn helps the team.  With quantifiable improvement comes confidence that translates to other areas of the child’s life.  Additionally, studies show that early sports specialization can cause over-use injuries and burnout down the road.  Triathlon combats this by incorporating three different activities to create balance both mentally and physically.  Today some of the top junior runners and cyclists in the world are actually triathletes who achieved greatness through balance.  It is no surprise that triathlon is one of the fastest growing youth sports in the US.

That’s why at Endorphin Fitness, we are passionate about triathlon.  We see it transform lives every day.  We combine our passion for the sport with an unmatched expertise and unrelenting positive atmosphere.  We not only commit to bringing the best out of our athletes, both physically and mentally. We are committed to instilling life skills, such as goal setting, discipline, and perseverance in each athlete. We are committed to being more than a coach for your child: A mentor, a friend, and someone your child can depend on, beyond the sport.

The Endorphin Fitness Youth Team is comprised of a Youth Development Team for ages 5-15 and a Junior Elite Team for ages 13-19.  Both programs are coached by nationally recognized coaches and develop fitness, performance, and self-confidence.  The Youth Development Team is open to all levels and provides you the flexibility to choose between one to five practices per week.  The Junior Elite Team is for athletes who have met qualification standards and desire to prepare for national level competitions.  Parents wanting to get involved should check out Endorphin Fitness’ adult programs.

We offer a one-week free trial for anyone interested in our program.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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