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At Endorphin Fitness we believe that equipping a customer is only half of what a good bike shop should be. Coming from our background in coaching, we believe that educating is as important as outfitting. Below, you’ll find the writing and videos we’ve made helping you make informed decisions not only about what you buy, but what you use.

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    zipp 404 hub resistance
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    The Zipp 404 Basically Spins Forever

    - by Nick Seitz

    To illustrate just one benefit of a high quality set of race wheels, we conducted a very scientific test. By stacking the Zipp 404 up against a stock Shimano R5 wheelset and rotating them at (basically, probably) the same speed, we measured the relative amount of rotational friction in one wheel versus the other. The results may astound you. To see just how little friction the Zipp 404 rolls with, check out our video above! We’d also like to remind you that we rent race wheels for a period of one week in the shop! The rental includes the…

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    Choosing the right power meter
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    Pedals or Cranks? Choosing The Right Power Meter

    - by Nick Seitz

    What is Power? What is a Power Meter? If you’re familiar at all with cycling, or training for cycling, you’ve probably heard of watts. Watts, or power, is a way of measuring the amount of work done in cycling. Unlike speed or heart rate which can be influenced by other things, power will always be consistent. If you measure 100 watts of force on one day, that will be the same amount of force the next day and the day after that. I’m not going to go into too much detail about how this number is generated or why…

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    chamois cream
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    Shop Talk: Muc Off Luxury Chamois Cream

    - by Nick Seitz

    To see this chamois cream video on YouTube, click here! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for timely updates. We’re proud to be carrying chamois cream this luxurious in the shop! The Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream is some of the finest chamois cream that we’ve ever used. It has all the bona-fides that any chamois cream should: Moisturizing and soothing friction reducing compound. Rich natural ingredients. No parabens or formaldehyde. Anti-bacterial properties. If you’ve never used chamois cream, it is a compound which reduces friction and soothes the skin underneath your sit bones on long rides. It can be applied…

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    BlogProduct of the Week

    Shop Talk: 2019 Tires

    - by Nick Seitz

    We’re stocking 3 tires in the shop in 2019, and there’s also one more excellent tire we gladly recommend (but have to special order) that we’d like to tell you about today. View on YouTube: Let’s Talk Tires Continental Ultra Sport First up, our go-to tire for sporty riders and everyday bikes alike. This is a $25 tire, and you can’t go wrong. The Ultra Sport logs excellent reviews across the board on durability and performance. the Ultra Sport will be a trusty tire for logging training miles as a recreational rider or a training athlete. This is also a…

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    wahoo tickrx
    Product of the WeekShop talk

    The Wahoo Tickrx is Your All-in-One Zwift Solution

    - by Nick Seitz

    We don’t want to undersell ourselves here: we’ve discovered a literal game changer. We’re now stocking the Wahoo TickrX, which is a pretty awesome product in and of itself. The TickrX is a heart rate monitor which has some cool additional features which make your workouts easier. Most interesting among them is the ability to read cadence based on your movements while working out. Whether you’re running or biking or even lifting weights, the Tickr X can track your cadence based on motion. Now, this is already a great advantage for popular cycling apps like Zwift. It’s helpful having one…

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