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Elite Motivation

Elite Motivation
September 20, 2019 Michael Harlow
How do you stay motivated? I recently read an article in Triathlete Magazine by former pro triathlete Chris McCormack where he said he is often asked this question. In response, he usually shakes his head as there is a fallacy in the question. He explains that professional, high performing athletes don’t always stay motivated, but they get the job done despite this.
We all go through periods of lack of motivation. This is not reserved for just those who don’t make the podium or finish last in the race. In many cases, these athletes may be some of the most motivated athletes in the race. Lack of motivation does not discriminate. The difference is that highly successful athletes – as determined by the individual’s potential – get the job done despite this. Whereas someone else might let lack of motivation stop them, for the greatest among us, the goal remains more important than the temptation that lack of motivation presents.
When you lack motivation, realize you are not alone. Then, resolve to get the job done regardless. Doing so is the best way to pull yourself out of the funk and achieve the best results possible.

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