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Michael’s Message – We Don’t Mean To Toot Our Own Horn

Michael’s Message – We Don’t Mean To Toot Our Own Horn
March 2, 2018 Nick Seitz

We Don’t Mean To Toot Our Own Horn

Occasionally, you get a note from an athlete that is so dead on the bullseye you are trying to achieve as a coach and organization. I received one of these notes this week and want to share pieces of it with you not to toot our own horn but to express what really matters to us and be an encouragement to you. Here are a few excerpts from the note,

“Receiving coaching from Endorphin {Fitness] has been a huge blessing to my life!  You see I have pretty intense anxiety that often results in panic attacks, avoiding new people, lack of friendships and avoiding large groups of people. My anxiety has been so bad at times it has caused me to lose a job or two. I loved triathlon from the moment I discovered it, but it was overwhelming because my lack of knowledge and abilities on the bike and swim.”

“I was extremely skeptical to spend money on a triathlon coach because I’m not very athletic…[and] didn’t feel I was “good” enough to justify even having a coach. I think about that thought now and it seems kind of silly and backwards. I had always been the girl that the coach high fived simply for showing up because they didn’t really expect much from me. I think over the years the lack of really being held accountable for anything other than getting through a practice caused me to set the bar really low for myself. Working with [Coach] Erin has been a really great experience for me. Erin knows what I am capable of and she won’t let me low ball myself. When I tell Erin that I can’t do something she always says, “I don’t believe that.” Erin has been a fantastic coach and more than that she has really challenged me as an athlete and my way of thinking. Erin has impacted my life beyond triathlon and I don’t think I can thank her enough.”

“When I started with Endorphins the only things I was confident in were things I could not do. When I started being coached by Erin, I really believed that I would never be able to finish a 5k without walk breaks, go to any type of group practice, or swim more than 400 yards without stopping. I can now run for 40 mins without stopping, go to group cycle practice, and swim for 45 mins without stopping. I am in awe of how much Endorphins has helped accomplish not only with my fitness but many other areas of my life… I just needed to share with you how much Endorphin Fitness has impacted my life in just a short amount of time.” 

We are about using endurance sports to impact lives. Every person has a story, and it is usually greater than just a time on the race results. Through a personal relationship with our athletes, we invest in peoples’ lives and hope to improve them in many ways.

I hope this story empowers you. I hope it begs you to take the first step towards your goal or begin to expect more of yourself. I hope it allows you to recognize your own story and how endurance sports are helping to craft it daily. I hope it motivates you to be more.

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