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Clean Drivechain

Clean Drivechain
February 3, 2017 Michael Harlow

The weather this time of year can play havoc on your drive train. Snow brings sand. The snow melts and leaves the sand behind. The rain then comes and sends sand all over your bike…usually into places sand should not be.

Keeping your cassette, chain rings, and chain clean will ensure you receive the best shifting experience and lengthen the lifespan of your drive train. The step we see skipped the most when cleaning/lubing one’s chain is the last step.

Wipe the excess lube off.

Excess lube will do everything in it’s power to catch all the road grit and turning it into a sticky dirty paste which prevents the chain from releasing properly from your rings while simultaneously grinding the metal away causing you to spend more money unnecessarily.

If saving money isn’t incentive enough, then what about energy savings. A dirty drive train can cause you to use 3 more watts than the competitor next to you with the clean drive train.

If your drive train looks like the cassette on the left, come see us and we will make it look like the cassette on the right. Want to learn how to do it yourself? We are glad to teach you how to do so!

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