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How Can It Feel This Good?

How Can It Feel This Good?
March 24, 2017 Michael Harlow
Pain.  That feeling of extreme discomfort as everything in your body begs you to stop.  The heart pounding, lungs gasping, muscles screaming feeling of running on the edge – on the threshold of implosion.  A rare experience of both hate and love all mixed with a refusal to give into the pain…fighting, clinging to hang on.  Addicting.
For some, you will read that and think, why would anyone want that. For others, those who have tasted endorphins, your heart will start pounding with excitement as you read the words.  Endorphins are as powerful as many drugs – their ability to mask pain and make people happy is addictive.  Once they have their hold on you, it is hard to not keep coming back.
Endorphins make you a better person.  They make you a happier person, a harder worker, and more pleasant person to be around. Endorphins change lives!
I am addicted.  During the busiest periods of my life when most would have taken a break from their daily dose of endorphins, I leaned into them relying on them to carry me through the toughest times.  When I did not have time, endorphins made time through a better mental perspective.  I could step away from fitness, but I could never step away from endorphins.
Be More. Live Red.
Michael Harlow
EF Founder & Head Coach

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