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Big Changes, Short Timeframe

Big Changes, Short Timeframe
March 21, 2019 Erin Horil
private session benefits

Benefits of one on one time with a coach

I often get questions about what exactly private sessions are and how they work. These are questions like… “who?” or “what?” or “when?” or even “why?” I want to address those questions today to make sure you have all options available to you in your coaching!


A private session is, you may have guessed, you and a coach. We also offer group or “buddy” sessions if you want to work on something with a friend. This is also a great option if your son or daughter wants to work on strength, endurance, or agility with a friend or sibling, which we frequently do.

You do not have to be an Endorphin Fitness athlete to book private sessions! EF athletes might consider a private session if there’s one thing they’d like to drill and focus on with their coach, but private sessions are open to all people.

What are they?

Private sessions are typically a one hour session with your coach. From there, however, the possibilities are endless! We can work on technique, either swim, run, bike, or transition skills. We could hold you accountable if you have a hard workout you’re dreading. We could talk about nutrition, or just do workouts together! We do strength training and flexibility training for athletes and people of all ages who need some help in these areas. Anything that is valuable to your training is something we’re open to working with you on.

When are they?

Private sessions can be held whenever it fits your schedule and the coach’s schedule. These are more flexible than our practice times. Also, I can guarantee that your version of “early” might not be too early for us! I’ve taken some pretty early sessions; we work hard to make sure we can find something that works.


Private sessions can be held wherever you and your coach are able to meet up. In Richmond, we have a strength training, athletic performance and testing facility which offers many benefits. We can do VO2 testing, swim form analysis in our endless pool, as well as run and bike sessions with ease, not to mention strength, mobility, and agility sessions.

If that doesn’t work for you, or you’d like to do work outside, we can meet up anywhere that works for both coach and athlete. We frequently meet at area pools, open water swim areas, popular riding trails, and other local areas. Our coaches in Fairfax, Hampton Roads, and Price William also offer private sessions and they are happy to make arrangements with you to meet up!

Why should I do one?

As I am both a coach and an athlete, I can tell you from both perspectives that private sessions are a huge help!

From an athlete’s perspective, I can tell you that it’s been extremely helpful for me to have a coach look at my form and tell me what I’m actually doing. Oftentimes, what I think I’m doing may not be what I’m actually doing. Also, encouragement is huge- when I need to push that last watt or run a little faster, sometimes having external motivation can be very helpful.

And as a coach, I can tell you that I’ve seen tremendous growth, even in the space of a one hour private session. I saw one athlete go from being too afraid to take one hand off of their handlebar to being able to get their foot out of their shoes in one session. So, if there’s one thing you’d like focused attention on, private sessions are a great way of targeting and overcoming that.


Finally the important “how?” question! Private sessions are offered by the single session, or you can purchase a package of sessions which saves you money. We offer 6, 12, and 24-pack session packages, and these sessions can be used however and whenever you want. With open water season coming up, you could do an open water swim session and a transition session to help you practice getting out of the water. Really, these packages can be used however you want, or you can purchase them one at a time. Whatever works best!

To get started with a private session, contact your coach or call us at 804 741 1599, extension 2 to get started. Happy training!

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