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Athlete Spotlight: Colby Burcham

Athlete Spotlight: Colby Burcham
October 1, 2019 Michael Harlow

Tell us about your journey to endurance sports.  How did you get started?

I have always loved to run. My dad used to bring me out to 5k road races for fun. I really started to love the competition in elementary school during the PE mile. Later I joined my middle school track team. It wasn’t such a serious commitment, but it was a lot of fun and gave me a taste of what it was like to race on a track. My eighth grade year I joined the Deep Run High School cross country team and I have run every season of cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track since.


When was your first race?  Tell us about it. 

I am not sure what my first race is, so I will talk about my first high school race. It was a 5k at pole green park. I ran 22:07 and placed 154th in the JV race. This was a PR and I was proud of this race.


What is your greatest accomplishment in the sport? 

My greatest accomplishment has to be winning cross country states in 2018. This was a huge goal of mine and a dream come true.


What is your biggest goal right now? 

My biggest goal now is to break 15:30 in the 5k.


What motivates you? 

I am motivated by my family, teammates, and I am motivated by just wanting to get better for myself.


Outside of training and racing, what are other important things in your life? 

I like to hangout with my friends and take care of my body when I am not training or racing.


How has training and racing impacted the rest of your life?

Running has impacted my life in such a big way. I now have the opportunity to run for a D1 school and represent that school on the next level.


Why did you choose to train with Endorphin Fitness? 

I chose Endorphin Fitness because I knew they could help me get to the next level and I knew I could find someone to help me get closer to being the best athlete I can possibly be.


What do you love most about training with Endorphin Fitness?

I really love the support that I get from my coach, Ryan Middleton, he helps me through rigorous training and tough workouts.

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