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Appreciating Your Fitness

Appreciating Your Fitness
September 21, 2018 Nick Seitz
appreciating your fitness

I was on an early morning threshold run earlier this week and feeling great.  I approached a curb and pushed off my left foot to only have it give away beneath me.  I quickly slowed to a hobble and winced in pain. After about ten minutes, I found a person with a phone and called my father-in-law who picked me up minutes later.  As we drove home, I spotted a runner in the distance approaching us – he looked great and was holding a fast pace. At this moment, it hit me.
It hit me that I most likely won’t be running for a while.  It also hit me that I would not be able to play with my kids freely and help around the house.  It hit me that I would not be able to enjoy my fitness.
As with many things in life, we rarely appreciate them fully until they are gone.  This was certainly the case for me as I started that run more to check off my scheduled workout for the day but ended it with much greater perspective.  I now yearned to run and be able to fully enjoy my fitness.
I share this story so that you can gain appreciation.  If you are currently healthy, I hope this will serve as a reminder for you to appreciate every step and take full advantage of it.  If you are struggling with an injury right now, I encourage you to use this as a time of reflection – to allow motivation to well up inside you for the day you will run again.
Michael Harlow
Head Coach & Founder,
Endorphin Fitness

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