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Set big goals- we’ll break them together.

Again, and again, and again.

Endorphin Fitness has coached thousands of people to achieve big things. Whether it was finishing the race they never thought they could, grabbing a podium for the first time, or just moving and feeling better in daily life.




Success Stories

We work with people coming from any background of fitness. Below are some stories of people that started from square 1 and achieved extraordinary things with us at Endorphin Fitness. Don’t be intimidated- this can be your success story too!

Scott Evans

Scott has been a coached at EF for five years. He and his three sons have used triathlon as an activity to grow closer and work on setting and working towards goals together. Training at Endorphin has been instrumental in helping energize and focus Scott in the rest of his life. However, he also sees it as a great environment for his kids to be in. He is an Ironman finisher and frequent triathlon racer.

Read more about his story here

Lenora Mariner

Lenora calls every birthday divisible by 5 “significant birthdays”. 14 years ago, looking at a particular significant birthday, she decided she wanted to do a triathlon to celebrate the occasion. After teaching herself to bike and swim again and upping her amount of recreational running, she completed her first triathlon. After learning about EF, she joined the team and has passed several significant birthdays, each time knocking down another huge accomplishment. She’s competed in world championships, completed a half and full Ironman, and been an amazing teammate to so many EF athletes over the years.

Hear Lenora’s story in her own words!

Julie Patterson

Julie has been coached by EF for ten years, and in that time she’s seen not only tremendous growth as an athlete but also massive changes in her life. She started as an EF athlete in college with a limited background in triathlon. In the midst of getting her undergrad (as well as a masters, and a PhD) she also earned her triathlon pro card. Her coaches have helped her fit training into a hectic schedule and remain mentally balanced and focused throughout this time.

To watch an interview with Julie or read more about her story, click here.

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