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Michael’s Message: Appreciating the moment

Michael’s Message: Appreciating the moment
February 8, 2019 Michael Harlow
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I was on a long run last weekend and began to play the all-too-familiar mind games. “If I can get to an hour, I will be halfway and feel better.” I started dreaming about the end of the run when I was only at the beginning, despite feeling pretty good and enjoying the run. Then it hit me! Why am I trying to rush away one of the best parts of my day?

Running is enjoyable to me. Running provides me the opportunity to be alone in my thoughts enjoying nature and pushing my body. Why was I not soaking up every minute and sad about the moment when it would end? Why was I not staying present?

As a society, we tend to live in constant tension. We always feel like we should be wherever we aren’t at that moment. When we are at work, we feel like we should be at home with family. When we are at home, we feel like we should be at work. This tension is not healthy, and it was exactly what I was allowing it to permeate into my running as well.

So, I changed my outlook that morning and it changed my run drastically – part physically but primarily mentally. I started to appreciate the stillness of the morning, the miles clicking off, and being in touch with my body. I began to appreciate the moment I was living right then and now.

I encourage you to do the same. Your training is an opportunity to learn this valuable skill of staying present and appreciating what you are doing at this very moment. I guarantee it will benefit your training immensely. Then, I encourage you to apply this valuable skill in other areas of your life. I am confident it will have a long-lasting impact.

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